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BIM MENA represents a collaborative effort between Saaria Contracting Company (SCC), headquartered in KSA, and AASNAA Engineers Private Limited, based in India. This strategic partnership leverages the strengths of both SCC and AASNAA to explore and capitalize on BIM (Building Information Modeling) opportunities within the Saudi market.

Drawing upon the extensive knowledge and experience of both companies, BIM MENA is well-equipped to undertake BIM projects of any scale. The combined expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing the unique challenges and requirements of BIM implementation.

SCC, established in 2010 in KSA, has a solid track record in the construction industry, while AASNAA, founded in 2016 in India, brings valuable engineering expertise to the collaboration. Together, they form a robust foundation for BIM MENA's capabilities.

Founded in 2022, BIM MENA marks a significant milestone in the joint venture, aiming to play a pivotal role in advancing BIM practices and contributing to the development of innovative and efficient construction projects inĀ SaudiĀ Arabia.

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Supporting ASMEP BIM services from the design stage to the handover stage.

Fady F Kabalaoui
CEO Saaria Contracting
Syed Imad Jafri
CEO, Founder
Waheed Khan
Managing Director, AASNAA Engineers
Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Civil/Structural Engineer
BIM Architects
BIM Draftsman / Modeler
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